Bundle: DungeonMorph Dice Adventurer, Explorer & Spellunker Sets

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Get a discounted price on a bundle of our three dungeon and cavern dice sets.

DungeonMorph Dice consist of 5 dice with six different designs per die. The designs are engraved into these nearly 1" cubes. Grab some dice to roll a dungeon-on-the-fly. Or use them as inspiration when designing a dungeon.

The Adventurer set contains the Barracks, Dining, Halls, Worship, and Unusual Designs dice. The Explorer set contains a Kill Zones (traps), Learned Areas (mage studies, libraries), Prisons, Tombs, and Very Unusual themed dice. The Spellunker set contains 4 dice featuring cavern designs and one more die with half dungeon/half cavern designs.