Encounter Decks 3 Science Fantasy and Swords & Sorcery

  • $3.95

Need adventure ideas complete with ways to get the adventure started, possible encounters along the way, and a couple of follow-up possibilities? Use our latest edition of Encounter Decks!

Each card helps you build a dynamic adventure!

  • Draw a card for an adventure outline. The outline includes backstory, ways to get the PCs involved, encounter possibilities, and follow-up ideas.
  • The other side of the card is the key adventure map. Need more maps? Borrow one from another card.

This set differs from sets 1 & 2: In set 3 the map is related to the adventure on the same card.

Each adventure in this deck has a Science Fantasy or Swords & Sorcery theme. However the genres can be easily adapted by making golems into robots, make a sought-after device into a magical artifact, etc.

Encounter Decks are perfect for stocking a hex crawl or developing a side trek on the fly, or even relate several to each other for an entire campaign!

Note: PDF download includes a zip of two files: One with each side of a card as its own 3.75"x2.75" page and another where the first four cards are on one 8.5"x11" page and the second is the backs of those cards (laid out so they can be printed front/back.) In either case, trim each card down to the standard 3.5"x2.5" card size--the extra is to allow for a "bleed". (Some extra artwork so if the front and back don't line up perfectly, the trimming still looks OK.)
Writers: Joe Wetzel and Andrew Shields
Editors: Chad Mercer
Cartography: Tony Brotherton, Keith Curtis, Matt Jackson, and Dyson Logos